360° Panoramic Handheld Tripod Selfie Stick with Remote Control for Mobile Phones

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Reinforced Bracket

Portable Design

Adjustable Lighting

Easy Remote Control

Product Details


- Aluminum Alloy


Weight: 373 grams

Colors: Black


Product Size: 75 x 37.5 x 336 / 1530 mm

Support Phone size: 65-100mm

Transmission Frequency: 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz

Bluetooth Transmission distance: 10M

Remote Battery: CR1632

Remote Battery Capacity: 120mAh

Working Voltage: 3V

Charging current: DC5V/100mA

Dual Fill Light Specifications:        

Material: ABS

Product Size: 39 x 51 x 155 mm

Color: Black

Device Battery: RX Battery 70mAh (single)

Charging Current: DC5V/100mA

Working Current: 100mA

Working Time:1 hour or more

White Light Brightness: 6500K, full lamp lumen: 45lm, power: 0.37W

Yellow Light Brightness: 3000K, whole lamp lumen: 39lm, power: 0.37W

Warm White Light Brightness: 4500K, full lamp lumen: 54lm, power: 0.41W

LED Lamp Power: 0.2W/PCS

Ring Light Specifications:

Size: 6 inch      

Number of LED beads: 2x36pcs

Lamp bead model: 2835

Lamp brightness: 24-26lm

White light color temperature: 6500K

Warm white color temperature: 3200K

Power: 0.36-7W

Voltage: 5V

Indicates: Ra>90

Dimming range: 1%-100%

Shell material: ABS, Acrylic light cover



- outer diameter 160mm

- inner diameter 110mm


Power supply: USB port power supply

Cable length: 2m

What's Included

x1 360° Panoramic Handheld Tripod Selfie Stick

x1 Wireless Remote Control


Smartphones' Bluetooth:

- Android OS version 4.2 or above

- iOS version 5.0 or above


- Support mobile phone size: 65-100mm


Is it easy to carry?

Yes, its lightweight design and portability make it perfect for on-the-go photography.

Can it hold my phone securely?

Absolutely, the reinforced bracket ensures your phone stays secure during use.

How long does the fill light last?

The fill light can last for over an hour, ensuring your shots are perfectly lit.

Is the tripod compatible with all phones?

Yes, it's designed for universal compatibility, fitting most smartphone sizes.

Can I adjust the light color?

Yes, the fill light offers white, yellow, and warm white options for the perfect ambiance.

Is it easy to set up the tripod?

Yes, the setup is straightforward, allowing you to start shooting in no time.

  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty Included

Elevate Your Shots

Elevate your photography experience with our tripod's unparalleled 360° panoramic capabilities, complemented by versatile adjustable lighting. This robust tool not only allows for breathtaking panoramic shots but also ensures your photographic journey is illuminated to perfection, all controlled effortlessly with a user-friendly remote.

Sturdy, Reliable Design

Adjustable LED Lighting

Compact for Travel

Unrivaled Stability

Experience unmatched stability and peace of mind with our tripod's anti-shake technology, designed to capture flawless images even in the most challenging conditions. Its reinforced bracket and durable materials ensure your device remains secure, allowing you to focus solely on capturing the perfect moment.

Anti-Shake Technology

Reinforced Bracket Security

Ultimate Portability

Take your photography anywhere with our tripod's lightweight, yet durable design. Whether you're exploring rugged landscapes or capturing urban scenes, its portability ensures you're always ready to catch the perfect shot.

Lightweight & Durable

Capture Anywhere

Perfect for Travel

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