Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil

You save 60%

Smooth Writing Experience

Long Battery Life

Palm Rejection Technology

Magnetic Snap-On Design


Product Details

Size: 166x9.1mm

Battery: 130 mAh

Charging method: USB-C cable

Charging time: ~30 minutes

Working time: 10 hours

Power saving mode: 5 min automatic shutdown

What's Included

x1 Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil

x1 User Manual

x1 USB-C Charging Cable


iPad 6/7/8/9


iPad Mini 5/6


iPad Air 3/4/5


iPad Pro




Is the Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil compatible with iPads?

Yes, the Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil is designed and optimized exclusively for use with iPads. Its advanced technology ensures smooth and accurate performance on all compatible iPad models, making it the perfect companion for unleashing creativity and productivity on your iPad.

Compatibility: Before purchasing, please check our product's compatibility section to ensure your specific iPad model is supported. While we aim to expand compatibility, currently, the Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil is specifically tailored for iPads, promising an unparalleled level of precision and creativity for your iPad experience.

How durable is the Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil?

The Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil is crafted with premium materials for durability and long-lasting performance, making it reliable for creative endeavors and daily note-taking tasks.

What is the accuracy of the Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil?

The Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil's rotating nib boasts unparalleled accuracy, eliminating lag, jitter, and offset for a seamless and natural drawing experience.

Does the Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil offer palm rejection technology?

Absolutely! The Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil comes with palm rejection technology, allowing you to rest your hand on the iPad screen comfortably and create without accidental touches or disruptions.

What sets the Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil apart from other stylus pens on the market?

The Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil stands out with its 360-degree rotating nib, providing unmatched precision and control. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip for enhanced creativity and productivity.

How long does the battery of the Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil last on a single charge?

The Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil's long-lasting battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous use, ensuring uninterrupted creativity and productivity.

Is the Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil suitable for both beginners and experienced artists?

Yes, the Rotate PRO Stylus Pencil caters to all levels of users with its user-friendly design and precision, making it an essential tool for every iPad owner.

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