Rotatable Magnetic Phone Holder with Folding Ring

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Easy to Adjust

Secure Grip

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Product Details


- Aluminum Alloy

- N52 Magnet

- Silicone

Weight: 70 grams


- Black

- Black-Orange

- Silver

- Silver-Orange

Thickness: 3.5 mm

Lanyard width: 15 mm 

What's Included

x1 Rotatable Magnetic Phone Holder with Folding Ring


iPhone Series:

- 15, 15 Pro/Pro Max/Plus

- 14, 14 Pro/Pro Max/Plus

- 13, 13 Pro/Pro Max/Mini

- 12, 12 Pro/Pro Max/Mini

-Any mobile phones/tablets with magnetic rings or cases with magnetic rings


How does the magnetic attachment work?

The holder uses a strong N52 magnet to securely attach to any device with a magnetic ring or case.

Can I use it with my iPad?

Yes, it's compatible with iPads and any mobile phones/tablets with magnetic rings.

Is it easy to adjust the viewing angle?

Yes, the 360° rotational feature and adjustable height allow for the perfect viewing angle.

Is the product waterproof and dustproof?

Absolutely, it's designed to be both waterproof and dustproof for maximum durability.

How portable is the phone holder?

Its lightweight design and folding ring make it highly portable and easy to carry.

  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty Included

Elegant & Efficient

Our phone holder blends elegance with functionality. The N52 magnet provides a strong, reliable attachment to your device, while the silicone ensures a gentle grip without scratches. It's not just a holder; it's a statement of style and efficiency. Whether at home or on the go, enjoy the convenience of having your device exactly where you need it, in the orientation you prefer.

Strong Magnetic Grip

Scratch-Free Silicone

Home & Travel

Ultimate Convenience

This phone holder redefines convenience. Its lightweight design and folding ring feature make it effortlessly portable, fitting easily into any bag or pocket. Set up is quick and simple, allowing for immediate use wherever you are. The holder's compatibility with a broad range of devices, including iPads, ensures that it meets your versatile needs. It's the ideal tool for anyone looking to enhance their mobile experience.

Adventure Ready

Protection Guaranteed

Redefine MobilityRedefine Mobility

This holder is not just a product, but a revolution in convenience. Featherlight and equipped with a transformative folding ring, it's the epitome of portability. It slips into your life as easily as it does into your bag, ready at a moment's notice for whatever the day brings. Compatible with an array of devices, it's not just an accessory, but a necessity for enhancing every aspect of your mobile interaction.

Ready for Anything

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