Astro - Wireless Keyboard Case with TouchPad for Samsung Tab 12.4" & 11"

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Product Details

Material: PU Leather


Variants Sizes:

- For 11 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab

- For 12.4 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab



- Black

- White


Weight: 618 grams

Product size for 11" : 275x192x26mm

Charging port: Type-C interface

Effective Distance: 10 Meters

Standby Time: 90 Days

Continuous Working Hours: 80 Hours (off backlight)

Charging Time: 2-3 Hours

Lithium Battery Capacity: 500mah

Lithium Battery Life: 3 Years

Language: Multi-Language

What's Included

x1 Astro - Wireless Keyboard Case with TouchPad for Samsung Tab

x1 User's Manual

x1 Touchpad Gesture Instruction Manual


12.4" Samsung Galaxy Tab

- S7 FE (Model SM-T730/T733/T735/T736/T738)

- S7+ (Model SM-T970/T975/T976/T978)

- S8+ (Model SM-X800/X806/X808)

- S9+ (Model SM-X810/816B/ X818U)

- S9 FE+ (Model SM X610N/X616B)

11" Samsung Galaxy Tab

- S7 (Model SM-T870 / SM-T875 / SM-T876)

- S8 (Model SM-X700 / SM-X706)

- S9 (Model SM-X710/SM-X716B/SM-X718U)


Is it compatible with my Samsung Tab model?

The Astro keyboard is compatible with various Samsung Tab models, including the 11" and 12.4" versions of the S7, S8, S9, and their respective FE and Plus versions. Please refer to the product description for the specific model numbers to ensure compatibility with your device.

What's included in the box?

The box includes the Astro - Wireless Keyboard Case with TouchPad for Samsung Tab, a user's manual, and a touchpad gesture instruction manual. Everything you need to get started and make the most out of your Astro experience.

How long does the battery last?

The Astro keyboard's battery lasts up to 80 hours of continuous use with the backlight off, and it has a standby time of up to 90 days. Charging time is between 2-3 hours for a full charge, providing long-lasting use and reliability.

Can I adjust the backlight of the keyboard?

Yes, the Astro keyboard features 7 colors of backlighting with 3 levels of brightness. You can easily adjust the backlight to suit your environment and preferences, enhancing your typing experience in any lighting condition.

Is the keyboard case waterproof?

The Astro keyboard case is not waterproof. It is designed to be durable and provide protection against daily wear and tear, but it should be kept away from liquids to prevent damage to the electronic components.

Important Information

Wireless connection method:

1. After turning on the keyboard power, press and hold the FN+C key on the keyboard, and the keyboard will be in a waiting search state for three minutes.

2. Open your tablet's settings.

3. Turn on Bluetooth in your tablet and put your device in wireless pairing mode.

4. Search for the keyboard wireless signal "bluetooth Keyboard" on other devices on the tablet, click "Connect", the wireless signal light turns off, and pairing is successful.

  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty Included

Revolutionary Cantilever Stand

Astro's floating cantilever stand elevates your Samsung Tab to the perfect viewing angle, transforming any space into a productive workstation or a personal cinema. The magic of its design lies in the seamless adjustment and sturdy support, ensuring your device is always in the ideal position for whatever task lies ahead. Embrace the blend of innovation and functionality that redefines tablet use.

Perfect Viewing Angles

Seamless Adjustment

Sturdy Support

Magnetic Attraction

Experience the power of attraction with Astro's strong magnets, ensuring your Samsung Tab is securely attached with an ease that feels almost magical. This secure connection allows for a seamless transition between modes, offering stability and versatility without compromise. Astro's magnet system is not just about holding your tablet; it's about providing a foundation for creativity and productivity.

Secure Magnetic Attachment

Versatile Use

Enhanced Productivity Features

With Astro, your productivity soars to new heights. The integrated touchpad, backlighting options, and energy-saving mode are designed to optimize your workflow, whether you're in a dimly lit café or a bright office. These features not only enhance your efficiency but also ensure that your device is as versatile as your day demands. Astro is the ultimate tool for those who demand excellence in every aspect of their digital experience.

Integrated Touchpad

Backlighting Options

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