Samsung Galaxy Watch Nylon Loop Band

You save 31%

Ultra-lightweight Design

Secure Titanium G-hook

Stretchable for Comfort

Seamless Weave Design

Product Details

Material: Soft Nylon


- White

- Black

- Orange

- Green

Variant: 20 mm

Weight: 10 grams

What's Included

x1 Samsung Galaxy Watch Nylon Loop Band


Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

- 43mm: SM-R950, SM-R955

- 47mm: SM-R960, SM-R960

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

- 40mm: SM-R930, SM-R935

- 44mm: SM-R940, SM-R945

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (2022)

- 40mm Watch 5: SM-R900, SM-R905

- 44mm Watch 5: SM-R910, SM-R915

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (2021)

- 40mm Watch 4: SM-R860, SM-R865

- 44mm Watch 4: SM-R870, SM-R875


How does the strap adjust to different wrist sizes?

The strap includes an adjustable metal G-Hook, ensuring a secure and flexible fit for all wrist sizes.

Is the strap comfortable for long wear?

Yes, designed with a seamless weave and no buckles, it provides comfort and ease for extended wear.

Are the materials durable?

Absolutely, our straps are made from durable nylon and feature corrosion-resistant titanium G-hooks.

What color options are available for the strap?

The strap is available in white, black, orange, and green, allowing you to choose according to your style.

How do I secure the strap on my wrist?

The strap features a G-hook mechanism for easy adjustment and secure fastening without any buckles.

Can this strap be used for sports activities?

Yes, the durable and stretchable design makes it perfect for sports, ensuring comfort during any activity.

  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty Included

Secure Fit with Elegant Appeal

Our strap not only guarantees security with its robust titanium G-hook but also accentuates your daily outfit with its elegant design. It's the perfect blend of function and fashion, ensuring your watch stays firmly in place with style.

Comfortable Wear

Versatile Design

Everyday Durability for Active Lifestyles

Designed for the active and the adventurous, our Nylon Braided Loop Strap is built to withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining a lightweight profile. It's the ideal accessory for those who demand both durability and style in their daily routines.

Engineered Durability

Adjustable Comfort

Sleek Design Meets Daily Functionality

Our Nylon Loop Strap merges sleek aesthetic with practical daily use, offering a stylish yet functional accessory that complements your lifestyle. The design is meticulously crafted to provide a seamless fit and easy integration with your wardrobe.

Sleek Design

Dedicated Laptop Space

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